Jennies Cottages History

Thomas Parr (1483 - 1635)

Thomas Parr (Old Parr)

Thomas Parr was born at The Glyn, just across the field from Old Parr's Cottage. As a lad of 17 he went into service at Rowton Castle, (now run as a private hotel). Old Parr returned to the cottage after the death of his father, John, in 1518 to take up the remaining 4 years of the lease. He lived through the reign of 10 monarchs viz: King Edward IV; King Edward V; King Richard III; King Henry VII; King Henry VIII; King Edward VI; Queen Mary; Queen Elizabeth I; King James and King Charles I.

The Earl of Arundel, Thomas Howard arranged for Tom Parr to be escorted to London where he was to be introduced to King Charles. It would appear that the king was somewhat abrupt on this occasion, giving little time to speaking with Thomas.

Living a rich life in London after the frugal living of his Shropshire home soon had an adverse effect on Old Tom's health and on 14th November 1635 he died. King Charles' own physician, Dr. William Hervey carried out a post-mortem.

Thomas Parr was buried in Westminster Abbey and the Dean (Stanley) of Westminster Abbey had Parr's inscription carefully engraved. This can still be seen today.

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